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Rehabilitation Programs and Services

Glossary of Terms

SCDPPPS offers rehabilitation services to individuals under supervision aimed at addressing criminogenic needs and court orders.  The goals of these services are to foster positive change, reduce recidivism, and create safer communities. Services are provided in-house and providers work in tandem with agents to enhance supervision and reduce barriers associated with access to quality social services and treatment. Communication between providers and agents also allows for swift responses to violations.

Batterer’s Intervention (Domestic Violence Counseling)

SCDPPPS’s batterer’s intervention program is dedicated to helping those who have committed acts of domestic violence to recognize, understand, and change their abusive behavior patterns.  The goal is to eliminate intimate partner violence by addressing the root causes of power and coercive control.  Enrollees attend a 26-week gender-based group therapy program where through cognitive behavioral processes, education, and accountability, the cycle of violence is disrupted.


Housing Services

SCDPPPS housing services are designed to support individuals under supervision who are unhoused and those who are at risk.  A wide range of support options are available including emergency shelter placement for immediate, short-term accommodations, transitional housing, and assistance locating permanent supportive housing.  Case coordinators work directly with providers to connect individuals under supervision to the most appropriate services.  A list of SCDPPPS-approved housing providers can be found here.


Mental Health Services

SCDPPPS’ mental health services do not provide therapeutic direct services to those who are justice-involved.  The goal of the services is to provide education and support to agents to supervise those living with mental illness.  Those adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) are also monitored per the South Carolina Supreme Court Administrative Order 2014-04-24-01.  


Marijuana Education

SCDPPPS offers a single-day marijuana education program designed to promote awareness of the complex effects of marijuana use.  Participants can only attend the class one time and enrollment requires the individual to have no other history of substance misuse, other than marijuana.


Sex Offender Treatment

SCDPPPS’ male-only, three-phase 18-month group therapy program is designed to reduce the risk of recidivism by providing treatment for individuals who have engaged in sexual offending behaviors. This program holds participants accountable, examines distorted core beliefs, and fosters the development of healthy, prosocial lifestyles.  The goal is to provide interventions and education on how to effectively manage their risk of reoffending and protect communities.


Substance Use Education

SCDPPPS’s substance use education program is designed to support those under supervision to address their substance use issues. The program provides education on the nature of addiction, its effects on the body, brain, and family, and the totality of the impact on individuals, families, and communities. The recovery-focused program provides knowledge and skills needed on the path to recovery. Participants must attend a program orientation and be assessed before enrollment in the 12-week program to determine if a higher level of care is needed.

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