Offender Supervision

Reentry Programs

Glossary of Terms

Located in both Columbia and Spartanburg, South Carolina, the Reentry Program Services Centers are designed to increase the likelihood that offenders will meet their financial obligations and community responsibilities, as well as successfully complete supervision. An array of human service providers are utilized to assist with vocational, employment, educational and intervention strategies to address specific needs for offenders returning to community supervision.

Reentry is a process of transition guided by the Department’s risk need assessment and evidence-based interventions at the offender’s earliest point of entry into prison or probation. The Program’s purpose is to promote public safety and accountability through collaborative partnerships by implementing a seamless plan of services for the offender’s successful reentry and reintegration within their community, which will assist them with becoming law-abiding and productive community citizens.  

The SCDPPPS Reentry Program Services Division provides a comprehensive overview of a community-based reentry and release program designed for implementation with evidence-based practices. This program is intended to identify and address barriers encountered by offenders in regards to reentry at various stages in the criminal justice process.

Case management classes provided include: Life Skills, Cognitive Thinking, Employability, Conflict Resolution, Substance Abuse and Anger Management. Additionally, outside resources such as the local SC Works, Social Services, Mental Health, and other community agencies provide resource information and assistance with housing and employment. The classes and resources offered not only enhance the offender’s adult basic education- but also enable the Department to take greater strides toward offering more specialized services.