Officer Duties

Glossary of Terms
Officer and agent speaking with a driver.

SCDPPPS promotes public safety through coordination with all other federal, state and local criminal justice agencies and through the supervision of offenders in the community in concert with the following principles:

Agents practicing at an indoor gun range.

We promote offender compliance with conditions of supervision by enforcing a variety of graduated sanctions and evidence-based supervision practices that encourage accountability. Our Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officers assist offenders in understanding and meeting their legal obligations and responsibilities.

Offender case management is based on the development and implementation of a supervision plan created by the supervising Law Enforcement Officer. SCDPPPS devotes the most time, effort and resources on offenders at a high-risk of re-offending. Our agency’s interventions focus on dynamic risk issues and other factors that contribute to the offender's success.

Offender getting arrested.

In order to help offenders successfully complete their supervision period, SCDPPPS interventions promote the offender's ability to make positive changes in his or her life. Our agency takes specific actions in response to potential problems that may interfere with the successful completion of offender supervision.

Agents standing for a photo in front of the Probation, Parole and Pardon van.

Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officers provide supervision of offenders serving their sentence while living in the community, working to effectively rehabilitate offenders and aid them in their search for employment. Officers also monitor compliance with special conditions imposed by the court, Parole Board, hearing officer or their supervisor.

Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officers have a wide range of duties, including conducting:

  • “Home Visit” Offender field contacts
  • In-Office Offender Reports
  • Court appearances
  • Referral services
  • Fugitive warrant sweeps
  • Drug testing
  • Offender transport
  • Absconder investigations
  • Extraditions
  • Warrant and process services
  • Financial collections management
  • Special operations response in times of natural disasters or state declared emergencies
  • Assisting local law enforcement with special events