Victim Services

Victim Services

Glossary of Terms

The Office of Victim Services (OVS) is a pioneer among the nation’s probation/parole agencies in providing direct services to victims. The Office of Victim Services’ responsibility is to assist victims of crimes committed by offenders who are under the supervision of the Department.  Our primary goal is to keep victims informed of the status of their cases and to make certain they are as informed as possible throughout the process.  By providing fast, comprehensive, responsive services, OVS can ease the frustration and anxiety that often accompanies the community corrections process.

Employees within OVS are certified through the Office of Crime Victim Services Training, Provider Certification and Statistical Analysis located in the Office of the Attorney General.  In order to increase the Department’s commitment to provide comprehensive services to crime victims, the Department employs Victim Advocates (VAs) located in field offices throughout the state as well as in the Central Office.  These advocates are available to provide information and assistance to victims of offenders under the Department’s supervision.  They are the point of contact if victims have questions about their cases.

Click here for a list of Victim Advocates

OVS and the Department are committed to offering the best support and services to victims of crime and their families.  OVS provides:

  • Victim Notifications
  • Monitoring of Restitution Payments, if applicable
  • Collecting and Routing Victim Impact Statements
  • Providing Victim/Witness Advocacy
  • Accompaniment at parole/pardon hearings and violation hearings
  • Referrals to resources for specialized services
  • Information regarding the offender’s parole release and supervision
  • Information about other criminal justice and corrections agencies involved in victim's case  
  • Training, education and public awareness

Office of Victim Services
Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 207
Columbia, SC  29202

Physical Address:
293 Greystone Blvd.
Columbia, SC  29210

Phone Number: (803) 734-4770
Toll Free (Victims only, please): 1 (888) 551-4118