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Here you'll find several reports that offer background and statistical information about SCDPPPS, as well as its offender population. If you'd like to make a formal request for data or statistics about a specific offender group, please complete the form found here, and email it the Office of Research and Statistics.

Fiscal Year 2020 Strategic Plan

Sentencing Reform Oversight Committee Report FY 2018

EEOP Utilization Report  

The Informer - 2nd Quarter 2018 

Office of Research and Statistics
Email: Research.Evaluation@ppp.sc.gov
Telephone: 803-734-9220

SCDPPPS Reports Table

Annual Statistical Reports

Accountability Reports

Fines and Fees Reports

2018 Annual Statistical Report

2019 Accountability Report

2018-2019 Fines and Fees Report

2017 Annual Statistical Report

2018 Accountability Report

2017-2018 Fines and Fees Report 

2016 Annual Statistical Report.pdf 

2017 Accountability Report 

2016-2017 Fines and Fees Report

Quarterly Statistics - June 2019
Sentencing Reform FY2018