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Here you'll find several reports that offer background and statistical information about SCDPPPS, as well as its offender population. If you'd like to make a formal request for data or statistics about a specific offender group, please complete the form found here, and email it the Office of Research and Statistics.

2015-2020 SCDPPPS Strategic Plan

Sentencing Reform Oversight Committee Report FY 2018

EEOP Utilization Report  

The Informer - 2nd Quarter 2018 

Office of Research and Statistics
Email: Research.Evaluation@ppp.sc.gov
Telephone: 803-734-9220

SCDPPPS Reports Table

Annual Statistical Reports

Accountability Reports

Fines and Fees Reports

2018 Annual Statistical Report

2019 Accountability Report

2018-2019 Fines and Fees Report

2017 Annual Statistical Report

2018 Accountability Report

2017-2018 Fines and Fees Report 

2016 Annual Statistical Report.pdf 

2017 Accountability Report 

2016-2017 Fines and Fees Report

Quarterly Statistics - June 2019
Sentencing Reform FY2018