Victim Services

Probation Supervision

Glossary of Terms

Upon receiving a new probation case, the Victim Advocate will send a notification to the victim, provided our Department receives the victim’s address from the Solicitor’s Office. Included in the letter will be the conditions the offender must obey while under supervision. Oftentimes one of those conditions is restitution. SCDPPPS can only enforce the restitution if a judge has ordered it as part of the sentence. Offenders’ restitution payments are scheduled on a monthly basis and the Department makes every effort to ensure the offender fulfills this obligation.

If a victim requests continued notifications while the offender is under the supervision of SCDPPPS, they will be notified in the event of a violation hearing, advised of their right to participate in the hearing and the various ways they can participate. Violation hearings can be heard before an Administrative Hearing Officer, Circuit Court Judge, or the SC Board of Paroles and Pardons.

Victims will be notified of their opportunity to provide input when a case is being considered for early termination form supervision. Victims will also receive notification once the case has closed and is no longer under the Department’s jurisdiction.

Victims will be notified if the offender absconds from supervision.

If a victim has questions regarding the supervision of an offender or wants to ensure the Department has the correct address for notification purposes, the victim may contact the SCDPPPS County Office where the offender is being supervised and ask to speak to the supervising Agent or the Victim Advocate for that county.


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