Offender Supervision

Interstate Transfers

Glossary of Terms

The Interstate Compact for Adult Offender Supervision (ICAOS) is a reciprocal agreement permitting the transfer of adult offender cases between member states under certain conditions. Supervision of offenders in the community who meet specific eligibility criteria, may be transferred to another state under the ICAOS.

The Compact is operated within the Interstate Compact Services Office. That office is responsible for coordinating and communicating the required information and documentation required under the rules of the ICAOS and to ensure that the Department is in compliance with the ICAOS.

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The purpose of the ICAOS is to:

  • Track offenders subject to supervision under this compact
  • Transfer supervision authority in an orderly and efficient manner
  • Provide a means to return offenders to the originating jurisdictions when necessary
  • Give timely notice to victims of offender location under this compact
  • Distribute the costs, benefits, and obligations of this compact equitably among participating states
  • Monitor compliance with rules established under this compact
  • Coordinate training and education of officials involved in this activity regarding regulations relating to the interstate movement of offenders
  • Establish a system of uniform data collection and allow access to information by authorized criminal justice officials

Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System

The Interstate Compact Offender Tracking System (ICOTS) is a web based application used by all states and U.S. Territories that are members of the Compact.  ICOTS was designed to initiate and track interstate compact transfers to other states, monitor compact processes and violations and maintain accountability for offender movement.

The ICOTS processes include:

  • Transfer Request
  • Transfer Reply
  • Request for Reporting Instructions
  • Reporting Instructions Reply
  • Departure Notification
  • Arrival Notification
  • Offender Violation Report
  • Response to Violation Report
  • Addendum to Violation Report or Response
  • Compact Action Request
  • Case Closure Notice
  • Case Closure Notice Reply

Disclosing Information to the Public

  • Information gathered and retained may be disclosed to a member of the public only if the information is defined by law to be public record and is not exempt from disclosure by law.
  • ICAOS will not confirm the existence or nonexistence of information regarding an offender’s transfer of supervision to another state to the public nor disclose information regarding cases that have been entered into ICOTS.

Additional Information

You may obtain additional information by accessing the website of the Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision at or by contacting the PPP Interstate Compact Office at 803-734-9325 or via email at