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Rehabilitation Services Programming

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Rehabilitation Services Programming

Rehabilitation Services’ programming is virtual and offered free of charge to individuals currently under the jurisdiction of the Department with the goal of reducing barriers to successful completion of supervision.  Programming currently offered includes substance use education and batterer’s intervention. 

Substance Use Education

Substance use education classes address the misuse of substances via a 12-week curriculum. The program aims to inform users on the harmful physiological and psychological effects of alcohol and drugs as well as provide education on positive coping skills, pro-social thinking patterns, and recovery support. Embedded in the program is also an evidence-based assessment tool that serves to identify users who may need a higher level of care with an accompanying referral to external providers.

Batterer’s Intervention (Domestic Violence/Abuse Counseling)

Batterer’s intervention is the process by which an individual is educated about controlling patterns of behaviors including physical, emotional, sexual, and economic abuse. The objective is for the individual to develop empathy, learn to self-monitor and redirect their negative thoughts and emotions, develop non-coercive coping mechanisms, and cease their abusive behaviors. Content is delivered in a minimum 26-week gender-based, open group format.  

Marijuana Education

Marijuana Education is a single six-hour group focusing on the harmful effects of marijuana use. The goal of the group is to educate participants on addiction and coping skill development. The virtual program is available statewide for those who have used marijuana only. 

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  • Rehabilitative Services 803-935-5101

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