Offender Supervision

Specialized Caseloads

Glossary of Terms

Understanding that supervising particular populations of offenders requires additional training and skills, SCDPPPS agents have specialized caseloads. Supervision of a specialized caseload requires excellent communication and listening skills, the ability to develop creative solutions to complex issues and a desire to play an important role in rehabilitating justice-involved individuals.  Additionally, agents participate in the exciting work of investigations, law enforcement, and a variety of other duties.  Due to the additional training and skills, specialized agents receive special assignment pay.  Specialized agents are:

Domestic Violence Agents

The Domestic Violence Unit supervises individuals convicted of a domestic violence offense. The Domestic Violence Unit’s goals are victim safety, offender rehabilitation and offender accountability.  Goals are accomplished through quality home visits, involvement in coordinated community response teams, and group reporting. Domestic violence supervision is currently in 18 counties.  Conditions of Supervision for offenders on the domestic violence caseload can be found here.

Mental Health Agents

The Mental Health Program consists of highly trained agents supervising persons with mental illnesses. These Agents supervise a reduced caseload with a focus on building strong rapport with offenders and relationships with community partners.  Mental health supervision is now in 21 counties.  Conditions of Supervision for offenders on the mental health caseload can be found here.

Sex Offender Agents

Sex Offender agents supervise individuals convicted of a sex offense.  The Sex Offender Program mandates treatment to address dynamic risk factors.  Agents are trained to use a specialized risk assessment as well as search electronic devices for inappropriate material.  The Sex Offender Program is in all 46 counties.