Work at PPP

Work at PPP

Glossary of Terms

Thank you for taking an interest in working at the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services! 

  • Interested applicants should complete the State Application online at
  • If you have additional questions, please contact the Human Resources Office at (803) 734-9220.
  • Applicants for Information Technology Jobs can review requirements here

Current job openings:  


  • Upstate  
  • Closing Date:  November 3, 2020
    • Non C-1 position. 
    • Responsible for non-sworn Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officer duties by completing Board related investigations.
    • Executes community contacts with law enforcement agencies, judges, victims, inmates’ family, and other community resources.
    • Gathers and confirms details regarding criminal convictions and supervision history.
    • Maintains documents related to all investigations; initiates legal review of problem cases; monitors all problem cases to ensure swift resolution and prevent hearing delay; maintains a professional communication network inside and outside of the Department.
    • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Upstate  - Temp  
  • Closing Date:  November 3, 2020
    • Non C-1 position. 
    • Responsible for performing any one or a combination of professional-level probation and parole functions to include Parole Examiner functions, conducting investigations, oversight of Board related functions.
    • Analyzes the records of all inmates/applicants who are eligible for parole or other discretionary release programs.
    • Makes appropriate recommendations to the Board and assists with pre-release preparations. 
    • Compiles investigations and case summaries, as assigned, in an accurate, concise, and quality manner according to agency policy and approved standards.
    • Initiates and maintains contact with agency and community contacts regarding needed changes to ensure quality standards are met. 
    • Utilizes available computer systems to make needed adjustments to the parole and pardon case summary packets.
    • Performs other related duties as required.


  • Statewide Vacancies
  • Closing Date:   Continuous

Responsible for assisting Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officers to include non-sworn duties by monitoring compliance or using technology in the management of the caseload.  Performs compliance monitoring on Standard level offenders to include conducting required non-field related progress reports and community contacts; reviews offender financial obligations and other special conditions of supervision.

Hiring/Selection Process

The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services is committed to the active recruitment of highly motivated individuals for all positions.  SCDPPPS employees become part of a team dedicated to improving the lives of all citizens in the state of South Carolina. Interested persons enter a highly competitive selection process. All components of the selection process use minimum qualifications that are job related.  Selection processes for both sworn and non-sworn positions may include one or more of the following components:

  1. Complete on-line Application
  2. Reading Comprehension Testing (Nelson Denny Testing)
  3. Interview
  4. Background Investigation
  5. Medical Examination
  6. Physical Ability Testing (PAT)
  7. Credit Check
  8. Psychological Testing
  9. Drug Testing
  10. Final Hiring Decision

Officer Requirements

Agent badge on blue background

Applicants for the Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officer Career Track must hold a bachelor's degree with at least 15 semester hours in social or behavioral science courses; an associate’s degree and two (2) years of military or law enforcement experience (to include Class1 or Offender Supervision Specialist experience) may be substituted; or a high school diploma and four (4) years of military or law enforcement experience (to include Class 1 or Offender Supervision Specialist experience) may be substituted.  Officers are Class-One Certified and must complete the Basic Training Program at the Criminal Justice Academy in Columbia, the Department's Basic Training courses and on-the-job training

Additionally, applicants:

  • Cannot have been convicted of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence or be subject to a criminal domestic violence restraining order. (Forfeiture of bond, a guilty plea, or a plea of nolo contendere is considered the equivalent of a conviction.)
  • Must complete a Fair Credit Reporting Act Disclosure authorization.
  • Will be fingerprinted for a criminal background check.

Upon a conditional offer of employment, an applicant must undergo a screening for illicit drugs a physical examination, and a psychological screening. 

To Apply:

Applicants interested in applying for any position at SCDPPPS should first complete the State Application online at

Applicants interested in applying for the position of Probation and Parole Law Enforcement Officer I, must then take the Department’s test focusing on reading comprehension and vocabulary.  On the date of testing, applicants must bring a copy of the state application which includes the Probation and Parole Agent Checklist, certified college transcripts or high school diploma & DD -214 (if applicable), photo ID and Social Security Card to the designated test site.

Officer applicants who meet the minimum qualifications and successfully pass the reading comprehension test may be contacted by the Human Resources Office for an interview before the Agent Applicant Interview Panel at the Central Office in Columbia.

(Any applicant with prior Department service Class 1 Certified P&P Law Enforcement Officer (C1 Agent) will not be required to retake the reading comprehension test or appear before the panel.  They should contact the Agent in Charge of the county of interest.)

To receive more information, contact the Human Resources Office at (803) 734-9220.

General Recruitment: 

The goal of any recruitment process is to generate a pool of qualified applicants.  There is no minimum or maximum number of applicants to be included in an applicant pool.  However, a competitive pool should reflect racial and gender diversity.  Recruitment efforts will include sources or means by which this diversity can be achieved.  All qualified applicants will be considered.

Employee Benefits:

All Probation and Parole Agents will be assigned their own law enforcement vehicle to execute department related duties.  

State insurance to include health, dental, vision, and/or life insurance and disability.  Please visit PEBA Insurance Benefits for more information.

All employees are eligible to enroll in the SC State Retirement System.  Our law enforcement positions are eligible for the Police Office Retirement Systems (PORS) and our non-law enforcement positions are eligible for either the SC Retirement Systems (SCRS) or the State Optional Retirement Program (ORP).  Please visit PEBA Retirement Benefits for more information.

Employees can also contribute to a 401(k) or 457(b) plan through the SC Deferred Compensation Program.  This voluntary program allows you to save and invest extra money for retirement through before-tax and/or after-tax contributions.  Please visit SC Deferred Compensation for more information.

Leave and Holidays
All employees in a full-time equivalent position receive 15 days paid annual leave per year and 15 days paid sick leave per year.  There are also 13 paid holidays per year.  Please visit State Human Resources Division for more information.

Offender Supervision Specialist

In 2017 SCDPPPS was granted statutory authorization to hire a new staff position for which members of the public may apply. Offender Supervision Specialists (OSS), are non-Class 1 staff members who monitor low level offenders for a team of Class 1 certified Agents and handle non-law enforcement duties associated with these offenders. The monitoring duties conducted by OSS staff consists of the review of supervision reports, financial reports and arrest records. OSS staff are not assigned high level or sex offender cases. (Offender supervision level is determined by a risk and needs assessment administered to offenders.)   

OSS staff experience minimum contact with offenders in the SCDPPPS County Offices. Class 1 Agents continue to address and handle all offender violations. OSS do not perform face to face contacts with offenders in the field, do not issue or serve legal process and do not transport offenders. OSS staff do, however, attend the SCDPPPS 3-week Basic Training to learn basic supervision skills. OSS staff also receive office safety training. Interested applicants can find the applications online at