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Chief Jodi Gallman

Office of the Acting Director

The South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services is directed by Jodi Gallman, who was appointed by Governor Henry McMaster on October 9, 2023 as Acting Director.  She currently serves under Governor Henry McMaster's Cabinet.  View Acting Director Gallman's Official Biography               

The Director has overall responsibility for the Department, supervises all staff functions, and ensures that all policies and procedures are followed. The Director's Office includes the Office of the Chief Deputy Director, The Office of Professional Responsibility, The Office of Program Planning and Development and the Chief Information Security Officer.  



Office of Chief Deputy Director (Vacant)

The Chief Deputy Director serves as senior advisor to the Director. This position is responsible for strategic planning, cultivating community partnerships, and ensuring that Agency resources are most effectively and efficiently utilized. They have ancillary oversight for daily operations, executive reports, and business practices. They supervise the Deputy Director for the Division of Offender Supervision and Enforcement Services, the Deputy Director for Administration, the Deputy Director for Legals and Policy Management, and the Associate Deputy Director for Paroles, Pardons and Release Services.

SCDPPPS Organizational Chart

Chad Gambrell

Chad Gambrell  

Director for Offender Supervision & Enforcement Services

This Division supervises offenders under the Department’s jurisdiction through staff in all 46 counties. Deputy Director Gambrell has direct oversight over the Regional Directors, Regional Program Administrators, the Office of Field Programs, the Office of Standards, Compliance and Performance, Recruitment and Volunteer Services and the Office of Continuous Improvement.  


Virginia Camp

Virginia Camp

Deputy Director for Administration

Deputy Director Camp manages this division, which is comprised of Human Resources, the Budget Office, the Office of Fiscal Management, the Project Management Office, the Office of Grants Administration, the Procurement Office, and Information Technology Services. 



Deputy Director for Legals and Policy Management

The Deputy Director for Legals and Policy Management manages the Office of External Affairs, Ignition Interlock Device Program, Administrative Hearings, the Office of General Counsel, the Office of Victim Services and Office of Accreditation Management.

Mark Simmons

Mark Simmons

Associate Deputy Director for Legals and Policy Management

Associate Deputy Director Simmons manages the Office of General Counsel, Administrative Hearings and the Office of Accreditation Management.

Molly Leake RD Region 2

Molly Leake

Associate Deputy Director for Offender Supervision and Enforcement Services

Associate Deputy Director Leake manages the Special Operations Unit, the Polygraph Examiner, the Intelligence Tracking & Communications (ITAC), and the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) SCDPPPS Office.


Valerie Suber

Associate Deputy Director for Paroles, Pardons, and Release Services

The Office of Paroles, Pardons, and Release Services is comprised of the Office of Board Support Services, Office of Release Services, Office of Investigations/ Examinations, and the Parole Board.

Deirdre Nichols

Deirdre Nichols

Assistant Deputy Director for Offender Supervision and Enforcement Services

Assistant Deputy Director Nichols manages the Interstate Compact Office, the Offender Supervision & Enforcement Services HR Liaison, the Field Programs and Supervision Unit, the Digital Forensics Analysis Office, the Electronics Detection K-9 Program, the Sex Offender/GPS Program, and the Resources and Sanctions Office. 

Paul Angus HR & Records Dir Centtral

Paul J. Angus

Director of Human Resources

The Office of Human Resources Management includes Classification and Compensation, Recruitment Services, Employee Benefits, and Records Management Services.

Allison Avinger

Allison Avinger

Director of Professional Responsibility

The Office of Professional Responsibility includes the Office of Privacy and Risk Management, the Office of Internal Audits, Evidence Based Practices, and the Office
of Training, Compliance, and Professional Development.

Headshot- Deborah Douglas- Director External Affairs- Central

Deborah P. Douglas

Director of External Affairs

The Office of External Affairs includes Public Information, Community Affairs, and Forms and Community Programs.

Stephen Pullie  Director of Purchasing

Stephen Pullie

Director of Procurement

The Procurement section includes Procurement Services, Property Management, Mail Operations, Printing Services, Shipping/Receiving, and the Law Enforcement Supply Warehouse.

Marsha Lester  Chief Information Officer

Marsha Lester

Chief Information Officer

The CIO oversees the Information Technology Services operations of the Department.

Derrick Steward

Derrick Steward

Chief Information Security Officer

The CISO specializes in agency cybersecurity and IT risk management, working to implement security strategies consistent with the state’s privacy guidelines.