Ignition Interlock

Appeal Process

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South Carolina Ignition Interlock Device Program Appeal Process

If the offender wishes to appeal the assessment of any Ignition Interlock Points (IIPs) by the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardon Services (SCDPPPS) which results in an accumulated point total (APT) of 3.5 or less, he must comply with the following procedure.

(1) The offender must timely file a written Notice of Appeal with SCDPPPS by mailing or delivering it to the following address:

Ignition Interlock Appeal
Post Office Box 207
Columbia, SC 29202 
Or by Fax to IID @ (803) 734-9307

(2)The Notice of Appeal must include a concise statement of the grounds for the appeal in writing and any supporting documentation.

(3) The date of filing is the date the Notice of Appeal is received by the Department.

(4) The Notice of Appeal must be filed within fifteen (15) calendar days of the date of the IIP assessment letter. Failure to timely file a Notice of Appeal will result in dismissal of the appeal.

(5) In order for the case to be processed by the SCDPPPS, a copy of the IIP assessment letter must be attached to the Notice of Appeal. Failure to include a copy of the IIP assessment letter may result in dismissal of the appeal.

(6) A SCDPPPS Administrative Hearing Officer will review the appeal and will render a final decision either affirming or reversing the IIP assessment. There will be neither an evidentiary hearing nor oral arguments permitted, and there will be no right to appeal or otherwise contest the administrative hearing officer's decision.

(7) If the point assessment is affirmed, it stands. SCDPPPS will notify the offender of the decision by letter. If the point assessment is reversed, SCDPPPS will remove the points from the APT and will notify the offender of the reversal and the adjusted APT by letter.

(8) Should the offender wish to appeal the assessment of IIP which result in an APT of 4.0 or greater, the offender may request a contested case hearing with the Office of Motor Vehicle Hearings.

Pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws Sec. 56-5-2941.

If removal of the points from the offender's APT changes the specific responses under the IIDP Policy, SCDPPPS and its partnering agencies will make adjustments to those responses.

Should you receive any DMV suspension while on the program, your time requirement will be tolled until the suspension is cleared.